The US department of health and human services issues the physical activity guidelines for Americans. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide guidance on the importance of being physically active in order to enhance overall wellness.

Findings and Research

  • Physical activity reduced the risk of many adverse health outcomes.
  • Health outcomes are enhanced with movement variability such as intensity of work, duration, and type.
  • Both aerobic and strength based activities are beneficial.
  • All ages, ethnicity groups benefit.

Guidelines For Adults

  • Minimum / Low: 2.5 hrs wk of moderate intensity or 75 min high + 2 hrs of strength
  • Almost / Medium: 5 hrs wk of moderate intensity or 2.5 hrs high + 2 hrs of strength
  • Optimal / High: 6 hrs wk of moderate intensity or 3 hrs high + 2 hrs of strength
  • Intermittent Bouts / Daily: Breaks up the damaging effects of sitting

* Children and adolescents should be active for 60 minutes daily, with moderate intensity and strength activities included at least 3 of the days.

** Older adults should aim for the 150 minutes of activity per week, if they cannot due to health conditions the goal should be as much as their abilities allow.