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Your Goal. Your Time. Your Equipment. Your Activity




Time, Uncertainty, and Environment are all obstacles to Moving More and Moving Well.

Do you stuggle to find time in your day to exercise?

Are you nervous about the type of workouts you should be doing if you are in pain or injured?

Are you struggling to find space to exercise?

If  so, the HomeFit+ Movement Coaches are here to help overcome those obstacles.

HomeFit+ Compatability

Stream workouts and educational content on your favorite devices. 


Apple and Android phones.


Workouts are bigger on a tablet.

Smart TVs

Airplay HomeFit+ to your big screen.

Movement Metrics

We have a special feature called the Movement Meter that helps you track your progress and be proud of what you accomplished. The Movement Meter tracks not only your total weekly movement but also what type of movement you are performing. Being aware of the types of movement you are doing throughout the week allows you to keep your body well-rounded and balanced, which is the key to being prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Movement Meter Pillars

We believe in a balanced approach to movement, ensuring optimal performance and recovery.


 Mobility looks at our ability to move in our surrounding space within different situations (activity/sport specific). Fundamental life movements, corrective stretching, mindful practices are explored.


Once the body has achieved the necessary mobility requirements for the goal, the body must demonstrate an ability to stabilize from within. Pushing, pulling, lifting, ground work, and rotational movements are explored.


Metabolic conditioning is at the core of everything we do in life, whether at work, play, or sport. If we do not have proper metabolic conditioning for the specific demands of the activity the body’s systems begin to breakdown. Steady state and interval training workouts are explored.


Power training can relate to sport or general fitness needs. Acceleration, deceleration, quickness, speed, agility, and more represent your power profile.


The HomeFit+ app is built with hundreds of engaging workouts based on the movement pillars, your time needs, and your equipment. But that’s not all!

Discover educational content on all topics related to Moving More and Moving Well. 

Find success with our movement meter, feel motivated with our goal tracker, feel empowered though the process.

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