Moving better requires several interconnected parts. Each of these is important to creating success in your exercise program. Combining all of these components is what makes up a balanced fitness program and a balanced body.

Cardiovascular conditioning—Your heart is the second most important organ (after the brain) and needs to be conditioned to achieve fitness success. The right cardio program can help you burn calories more efficiently while keeping you fit for increased activity.

Flexibility—Your body needs to move efficiently. Overactive or underactive muscles can influence how you move, potentially leading to injuries. Therefore, you need to maintain proper posture and flexibility while you train.

Core training—Your core is made up of your abdominals, low back, and hips. It needs to be trained to keep you strong from the inside out and create better movement patterns for the arms and legs.

Balance training—Balance means being able to control your body during movement. In other words, training your body to control unwanted movement that might throw you off-base helps you avoid falls and unwanted injuries throughout your life.

Resistance training—Keeping your body strong and increasing lean muscle mass are all integral to living a fit life. Resistance training is a key component of all of the above. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, the lower your body fat percentage is, and the more you can do.

Each small working part has a role in overall fitness and must be trained accordingly. A healthy and fit lifestyle will encompass all the larger components as well as the smaller, moving parts.