One strategy at a time

When you begin a workout regimen the changes are significant. The body works hard to figure out how to adapt to these “new, unaccustomed” stimuli and you burn significant energy performing the work AND adjusting to the work. Our body is great at conserving and storing energy. Adaptation is a disadvantage to improving fitness levels.

Drink Water

Increasing the amount of water you drink will aid in appetite control, improve workout performance, enhance recovery and occupy you so you do not eat as much food. Strive for .5 – 1.0 oz per pound of bodyweight.

Increase workout intensity

Track the weights that you are using and strive to add repetitions with the same weight or to increase the amount of weight being lifted. Not only is this mentally challenging, but, you are forcing the body to adapt to a new stimulus.Be sure to strength train 3-4 times per week. Maintaining muscle tissue aids in keeping your metabolsim high and creates an athletic appearance.

Increase daily activity

Most people confuse busy and active.  We tend not to move nearly as much as we think we do.  Getting out for a daily walk or any other type of activity for 20-40 minutes will keep you active and allow your body to feel better, which would enhance your planned strength workouts.Add mobilty and stability work daily to insure joint and muscle health.

Improve food quality

Similar to movement, most people dramatically over-estimate how well they eat. Track your daily quality carbohydrate intake and/or vegetable servings, track your protein intake and track your non-nutritive food intake to see where improvements can be made.
Strive for .5 – 1.0 grams per lb of bodyweight for Protein.


Add an hour to your sleep cycle.  We live in a rapid and busy society. Sleep is essential to recovery and will have you feeling refreshed and energetic, enabling you to be more active and train harder during workouts.

Meet with a Coach

If the above strategies do not have a positive impact then meet with a professional coach to problem solve and imporve your knowledge base in nutrition and weight training. Their expertise will surely help you save time and improve results.