Foam rolling has been used for years now by everyone from professional athletes to the average fitness consumer. The benefits of foam rolling have been well documented as a functional preparation and post workout recovery tool. Foam rolling can increase fascia mobility, improve joint range of motion, decrease muscle soreness, and alleviate joint pain.

Foam rolling creates a compressive environment on our bodies tissue that promotes circulation and stimulation of our proprioceptors. Specifically foam rolling stimulates the golgi tendon organs (GTO) that reside in our tendons. The stimulation of the GTO’s creates an inhibitory response in another set of proprioceptors called muscle spindles. This response allows for greater mobility in our soft tissues complex.

Foam Roller Meet The Vyper

The Vyper was introduced last year by the company Hyperice. The Vyper is a rigid, firm foam roller with an lithium ion charged vibration platform at the core of the unit. By adding in vibrational sequences over 30 hz. the Vyper enhances the benefits dramatically over traditional foam rollers.

“At the DHF clinic we have utilized vibrational tools such as the DMS and Vibracussar for years, and I can say without hesitation the Vyper is the best tool for your self-care program to mimic the effects within our clinic. “ Jay Morgan

For more information or to purchase click here. All technique videos of region specific use can be found within our DHF Fit App