A coach and mentor of mine said to me years ago “If You’re Not Assessing – You’re Guessing”. He was speaking to the principle of individualization, and proper program design. At Dynamic Health And Fitness everything starts with our 3DMAPS Screening powered by The Gray Institute.

The 3DMAPS screening is about finding the prudent information as quickly as possible, and as relevant to your goals. For example, if you are a golfer the screening will look, feel, and smell like golf. Individuals who partake in the screening immediately notice why they are being asked to perform the drills. That is so important to the success of the screening, it must be for you, based on your body, and your goals. Within minutes your body has been screened from toe to head.

At the foundation of an effective program design is a movement screening, the 3DMAPS screening can be tweaked for any program/activity. Within minutes your DHF Coach can assess mobility, strength, endurance, and power to lay the foundation of your program.

Virtual Screening or Live


The Coach Consult feature in our CoachFit app allows your DHF Coach the ability to assess you remotely. Simply upload your 3DMAPS screening, and your coach can begin to personalize a program just for you!






Founded in 2001, The team at Dynamic Health And Fitness believes that individuals must take a proactive, integrated approach on their personal vitality. Our mission is to provide the strategies and techniques necessary for individuals to enhance their lives and also impact those around them. We provide cutting edge programming that fuels our performance center and suite of mobile apps. Our goal is to become a leading resource for individuals, groups, and companies to create a needed shift in health.

The DHF Performance Center is located in the Syracuse, NY area and boasts world class training facilities with cutting edge technology to assist our clients in achieving their health, wellness, and performance goals.