The T-Drill is just one example of a SAQ training exercise. The T-Drills has a combination of straight ahead speed, lateral agility, and shuffling to emphasis quick feet.

Set Up: You will need four cones to create the T shape drill. Place three cones in a line to create the top of the T 5 yards distance apart. Place the fourth cone 10 yards away from the middle cone to form the bottom of the T.



  • Standing at the base of the T, sprint straight ahead to the middle cone and side shuffle to an outside cone.
  • Change direction and side shuffle to the opposite cone.
  • Change direction again and side shuffle to middle cone.
  • Finally, back pedal to the starting position.

There are many exercises that can create an all in one approach to emhasizing SAQ, or there are movements specifically emphasing one component. It is important to remember that the individual’s SAQ program incorporate multi-directional training, and offer an element of reaction to the moves.

Jay Morgan, FAFS