How to keep going when the going gets tough.

Maintaining weight loss motivation.

Having problems sticking with your weight loss plan? You are not alone.

Most people:

  • set goals that are too vague
  • utilize poor strategies
  • have no positive support system
  • lack the proper education to reach and sustain the goals they wish for themselves

Do not give up. You are worthy of having the body and the life that you want. Long-term, sustained success requires you to consistently learn new tools & strategies to create the changes that you want. Most individuals are driven by the emotion of the calendar change and pledge to “REALLY” do it this time. Often, and sadly, we simply repeat all of the same steps and mistakes of our past attempts, just with a renewed (albeit temporary) motivation. By January 10th (or sooner) we are back to many of our old ways, frustrated and on the verge of giving up completely (again).

In truth, any diet or program can get you to lose 20+ pounds. There are very few that will give you the tools to avoid the weight regain, maintain those changes and support and educate you as to what to do next. Hint – None of the long-term successful plans have an expiration date.

In our experience, we need education to give us the information we need, an organized and structured plan (with flexibility) so we do not become overwhelmed. We also need a positive and supportive environment to nourish your spirit and a safe place with expert instructors that know when to push you while keeping you injury free. Above all, you need to have some fun while doing all of this!