The benefits of movement and breathing are numerous, and either subconsciously or consciously we all do them together. At some point a coach or a friend showed us how we should breathe while weightlifting, performing endurance activities, and through yoga/tai-chi practices. This short blog is designed to speak to the power of integrating the two, not telling you “how to”.

As a movement and performance specialist I have had the privilege of working with countless individuals week in and week out. The beauty of working with so many individuals is I have witnessed first hand the successes and challenges of movement and breathing. For every individual who struggles with performing an efficient lunge, I have viewed an individual performing an optimal deep breathing exercise. For every individual who becomes frustrated with breathing drills, I have watched the individual perform a squat and lifting drill with power and fluidity.

It wasn’t until years ago that I stumbled upon a strategy, I began coaching to the individuals strengths. If the individual was challenged with breathing I began to focus more on the movement, and allow the movement to drive the breath. Conversely those struggling with movement, the environment was set up to allow the breath to drive the movement. The results were immediate and impactful to my clients and myself – fluidity between movement and breath.

Why? I am not sure, my thoughts are that most individuals dislike practicing what they’re not good at, so in a sense back door the other more challenging activity. The other thought I have is that they are forever linked – movement and breath. If you can let one lead and show the other the way it can create the desired fluidity.

This short movement below is called the Breathing Lunge Matrix created by Gary Gray of the Gray Institute. It is a great drill to sync movement and breath, the only question for you is who is driving who?


Jay Morgan, FAFS


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