A very interesting situation occurred for me this week. I became aware when looking through my Apple Health App that I was exercising more, but moving less each day! My formal exercise increased, but my accidental exercise decreased resulting in a small weight gain since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each day I had moved less distance, stood less, and inevitably burned less calories per day. What changed for me? Remote coaching was the direct result of me moving less. Traditional coaching has me upright every hour and walking around more than remote coaching.

My advise, which unfortunately I didn’t follow earlier was making sure you are aware on a weekly basis of all variables of movement. Our CoachFit and HomeFit app has the exclusive movement meter built within to help track movement, but I would recommend adding in another tracker that measures accidental exercise. Apple, Samsung, Garmin, and FitBit watches would be a great addition into your health toolbox. Focusing on sit to stand ratios, steps taken, stairs climbed, and total calories burnt would be metrics to follow.

As with anything awareness is the first, then the need to implement strategies follow to create change. Some ideas:

Strategy 1: Make sure to get out of the chair on a hourly basis – spend ten minutes and hour upright minimally.

Strategy 2: Create the environment for accidental exercise such as yard work, cleaning the house, and taking the stairs.

Strategy 3: Simply add more walking within your day.

Strategy 4: Create a movement challenge with family or friends – keep it fun and light hearted.

Strategy 5: Make it simple, nothing needs to be complex – we have enough of that in the world today!



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