In the quest for peak performance, one of the most basic nutrients is one of the most overlooked. WATER. Muscles that drive performance are comprised of 75% water. Your brain that determines your movements is 76% water. Your bones are 25% water. Your lungs that provide oxygen are nearly 90% water. The blood that transports nutrients to your cells is 82% water. (1) The facts are quite simple. The most important nutrient for human performance is water. 

The benefits of consuming adequate amounts of water are overwhelming: 


    * Neurological Performance 

    * Liver Function 

    * Metabolic functions improve 

    * Endocrine-gland function improves 

    * Appetite Suppressant 

    * Decrease chance of injury (quality of tissue) 

    * Detoxify 

Numerous studies indicate that peak performance is dependent on hydration levels. A study at Ball State University took long distance runners and dehydrated them by just 2-3% (3-5 lbs. for a 165 lb. man). These athletes then ran their typical 10K runs, performance decreased by 7%. 7% on a 30 minute run adds a whopping two minutes to the total. Two minutes is the difference between first place and last place. (2) 


How Much Water Is Enough? 

Dynamic Health & Fitness utilizes the guidelines of Dr. Batmanghelidj in suggesting that a person drinks half their bodyweight in ounces of water daily. (3) Water intake can increase if activity is higher or temperatures have increased. 


Exercise And Fluid Replacement Guidelines (4)

* Drink 17-20oz. Approximately one hour before activity 

* Drink 7-10oz. About every 15 minutes of exercise 

* Drink 20oz. Of water per pound of weight loss within 2 hours of activity 

* Fluid should be cold because they empty from stomach quicker  



It is vital to remember the importance of building a strong foundation in the quest for peak performance. In most cases a strong foundation is quite simple, and this case is no different. Water is the foundation for peak performance. 


Jay Morgan 


1,2: Colgan, Michael Optimum Sports Nutrition NY,NY 1993 

3: Chek, Paul Flatten Your Abs Forever 2001 Chek Institute 

4. NATA Position Statement: Fluid Replacement J.Athletic Training 


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