Recovering from a loss of control is a learned behavior. Typically, the physical feelings of fullness, bloating and discomfort added to the mental feelings of loss of hope, dissapointment in the poor choice(s) and regret from the action can lead you down the road to an additional poor choice.

I find that empowering people with correct information and a realistic mindset is helpful. A priority is to understand that one bad meal or bad day can make you FEEL bad about yourself and sap your energy and simply make you feel physically awful. However, it WILL NOT cause long-term weight gain or prevent you from reaching specific health and wellness goals. People tend to struggle with this and that is where much of the issue resides.

The next thing I suggest is to develop a mantra – something like “Make your NEXT best choice” or “Get right back on track”. When you speak positively to yourself about your future, you do not dwell on your recent past. You did it. Accept it and move on to what’s next.

Physically, get out for a walk to increase activity and boost your energy. DO NOT use movement or exercise as a punishment for poor eating, but, as a way to help you feel better quicker. Drink your water and set a small, short-term goal that you know you can reach to build positive momentum back.

One more thing that you may find useful – write in a gratitude journal. I find that this exercise relaxes people and allows them to focus on all of the good things happening in their lives.