Over our 20 years of coaching individuals to a healthier lifestyle and improved performance, the biggest obstacle we face is comfort. The paradox is that as humans we are always striving for comfort and balance. Not only emotionally do we strive or work for this comfort, but biologically our bodies are seeking this balance as well. Traditionally, we build our life plan around this goal. We work to “earn” our homes, our families, our cars, our friends and our ascent up the corporate ladder. The result is a level of comfort for the individual.

Unfortunately, along with this comfort our bodies have begun to betray us through these years. Muscles are tight and sore, endurance and strength have decreased, and our capacity to be resilient has depreciated.

The challenge for overcoming this outcome is to reverse a certain level of comfort that we worked and strived for over the years. We need to become hungry again and challenge our comfort with a desire to change. We need to understand the hurdle to facing change is ourselves. We need to spark the fire by first identifying what that fire is now. Once we spark the fire, we create the catalyst and the drive needed to be successful. The fire must be ignited to create the behavioral changes needed for vitality and improved performance.

The following exercise is designed to identify your sport and the traits needed to reach your goal. The list of traits are known as drivers that identify performance goals, the body needed, and the qualities desired for the mind/spirit.

Choose 1-2 drivers from each bucket that inspire you. Finding images that represent your drive can help identify what your fire is.













Next, let’s enhance the meaning of those traits. Write down the 4 to 8 traits you chose and write a sentence or two that elaborates on each. For example, if you chose strength under abilities, describe what that strength is. Is it strength for yard work, strength to play with your children or grandchildren, or strength to do a certain number of pull ups? The more specific you are, the bigger your fire will become.


 Fire Statement

The next step is now to condense those sentences into a clear statement below. The final step is to post that statement in your bedroom, kitchen, phone reminder app, calendar – wherever it needs to be so you will have that reminder daily. That fire that you have discovered is burning, and it is the key to creating habits to produce transformation.


Describe why you know you can achieve your fire.

Why do you have the ability to do this?

What are your reasons?

Why do you need to accomplish this?


I _____________________________ will commit to practicing habits over the course of the next 12 weeks that will enhance my ability to move effectively, nourish my body with purpose, and utilize recovery strategies that improve my brain-body connection.

Sign: ___________________________________ Date: __________


Fire Statement Example:

“I will have the strength and power to drive the golf ball 300 yards, which will ignite my passion for the game of golf.”



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