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    Jay Morgan, FAFS

    Jay has dedicated his life to the pursuit of fitness, health and overall well-being. He has a reputation for making an impact on and transforming the lives of junior and elite athletes, patients who have suffered physical injury, as well as people who simply want to improve their health and/or appearance. Jay has had over 20 years of experience in the health & fitness industry in management and training. He is the founder and owner of Dynamic Performance & Recovery since 2001. He is credentialed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute.

    Jay currently serves as CEO for the technology company GoMotive, and has developed mobile apps for office wellness to on demand exercise in the home environment.

    Bryan Morgan, CPT

    Bryan started his career as a health coach over 20 years ago and continues as co owner of Dynamic Performance & Recovery. He is humbled to have the opportunity to personally coach a wide variety of individuals from youth to seniors helping them reach their fitness goals through the principals, strategies and techniques of Applied Functional Science . Bryan has enjoyed a dynamic career that has led to:

    • Serving on the Baldwinsville Wellness Board
    • Motivational Speaker at area schools and charity organizations
    • Injury prevention specialist at area office’s

    His continued current education in the field both of human psychology and physiology gives him the edge in the his industry. Bryan’s passion as a health coach continues to strengthen as he is driven to positively enrich his clients minds with a healthy attitude and their bodies with vitality. Bryan mantra is “shift your psychology to change your physiology. Shift your physiology to change your psychology.”

    Nick Leader, CPT

    Nick got his start as a student athlete at Dynamic Perfromance & Recovery. After achieving his goals through training at DPR and watching his family members do the same, Nick decided to dedicate his life to helping others through health and wellness. Nick went on to achieve a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science at Suny Cortland. While in school, he expanded his education by becoming certified as a Personal Trainer and as a Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. More recently, Nick achieved a certification in Applied Functional Science and Functional Soft Tissue Transformation through the Gray Institute.

    Since Nick became a coach at Dynamic Performance & Recovery in 2010, Nick has helped individuals of all ages and backgrounds achieve their goals. In 2018, Nick became a co owner of DPR. Through his deep understanding of human movement, he has helped individuals and athletes out of pain, improve health and wellness, and improve performance. Nick’s passion, education, and experience will help you achieve your goals.

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