Enhance your performance with the power combination of 3DMAPS enhanced with resistance bands and medicine balls.





Risk Of Injury: Utilzing bands and medicine balls reduce the risks associated with Olympic Lifting.

Improve Power Profile: Enhancing the ability to improve velocity and power is at the core of any great athlete. 

Strong Mind: When you perform power training you are giving your all. That strengthens Mind & Body!

Metabolic Conditioning:  Power training challenges the various energy systems of the body. From moderate to high intensity, power delivers!

3D Mobility: Utilizing 3DMAPS with your power workout will enhance mobility in all of your muscles and joints, in all planes of motion.

3D Power: Utilizing 3DMAPS with your power workout will enhance power in all of your muscles and joints, in all planes of motion.

Getting Started

Step 1: Prepare For Power

Grab a resistance band and perform the 3DMAPS® Lunge & Swing. You will need to work to get into the zone.

Step 2: Maximize Mostability

Prior to your power training, perform the 3DMAPS® Reach & Swing to groove the motion.

Step 3: Load & Throw

Perform 3DMAPS® Lunge & Throw with medicine ball.

Step 4: Take A Breath

Downregulate your body by utilizing the 3DMAPS® Breathing Lunge Matrix with a 3-3 breathing cadence.


A few routines that can help enhance your power experience.


The benefits of compression therapy include circulation, soothing sore muscles, and decrease inflammation. Sit back and relax after the explosive demands of your Power+ workout – you deserve it!


Enhance your recovery with our smart muscle stimulation tool. Select from various localized areas of concern or simply for overall recovery needs. 

We recommend utilizing the Power Dots after your Power+ workout.


Box Breathing is designed to enhance your focus, helps to control hyperventilation, and can ease panic and worry.  Perform prior to your Power+ workout.

Inhale for 4 seconds through your nose

Hold your breath for 4 seconds

Exhale for 4 seconds through your nose or mouth

Hold your breath for 4 seconds, repeat the sequence for 8-10 rounds.


Cold water exposure can help alleviate sore muscles, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and create a power mindset! 

The combination of a Power+ workout followed by a cold plunge is built for high performance and recovery.

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How Do I Know If I Am Improving?

With medicine ball training monitor the weight of the ball your throwing, the distance from the wall and time it takes to complete, as well as the accuracy of your throws.

This Doesn’t Feel Like A Traditional Strength Workout – Am I Doing It Wrong?

No, power or speed training typically involves moving a lighter weight farther of faster. Whereas, traditional strength training looks at exerting force to overcome the resistance. The increase load of strength training induces a different feel. Don’t worry though – power training has shown to also increase strength, strength has only shown to increase strength.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Perform?

We recommend performing the Power+ work minimally 2 times per week to maintain current levels, and 3 to enhance your current power profile.

Power+ Workout Variables

  1. Resisted 3DMAPS Lunge & Swing: 1 set each chain x 10 reps ea.
  2. 3DMAPS Reach & Swing: 3 reps each reach
  3. 3DMAPS Load & Throw: 1 set each chain x 5 throws ea.

* Repeat 3DMAPS Load & Throw 1 more time

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