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3D MAPS powered by DHF from Dynamic Health & Fitness on Vimeo.



3D MAPS powered by Dynamic Health & Fitness, provides the end user with a clear path to achieving their movement and performance goals. Whether you are a scholastic to professional athlete, or a more seasoned individual our program is for you. At the core of the 3D MAPS program is you, everything is based on your body – your needs -your goals. You and your coach will start by identifying your mindset through goal setting practices, and evaluate your nutritional and recovery needs based on your goals. Next you will be taken down a journey of movement, exploring fundamental motions such as lunges, squats, reaches, and more that will unveil all of the successes that your body has to offer. Those successes become the platform that we utilize to transcend and transform your body towards your needs and goals.



    Our team utilizes state of the art measuring tools to quantify the screenings. Our goal is to assess where your starting point is, evaluate your training effect and recovery abilities to allow us to modify and redefine your program each month. 3D Motion Sensors & Capture software from Spark Motion, GYKO, and Zepp guide your movement program. HeartMath and Whoop tools help analyze your capacity to be resilient as you train for your goal.



    Your conditioning program is based on the principles - strategies - techniques of Applied Functional Science powered by Gray Institute. AFS is the convergence of the physical (world we live in) /biological (our body) /behavioral (mind & spirit) sciences. Achieve functional flexibility, mobility, balance, strength, power, speed and more based on your needs, your goals, your activities.   

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