Enhance your performance and improve your recovery with the Ice Barrel. Go ahead take the plunge!





Pain Relief: Cold water exposure can reduce swelling and desensitize nerves helping to reduce pain.

Brain Health: Cold water exposure activates hormonal responses which can lower whole body inflammation and improve well being.

Vasoconstriction: Cold water exposure improves circulation by intiating vasconstriction of blood vessels.

Heart Rate Variability: HRV indicates when an individual is in need of recovery and free to perform. Cold water therapy can improve recovery times.

Inflammation: Inflammation can be localized at a specific region of the body, or more systemic. Cold water exposure can help reduce acute or chronic inflammation.

Anxiety: Inflammation and anxiety typically go hand in hand. Cold water exposure aims to reduce chronic inflammation.

Getting Started

Step 1: Rinse Off

Hop in the shower and quickly rinse off prior to use.

Step 2: Throw In The Ice

Our Ice Barrel keeps the water at under 60 degrees, if you would like it colder simply pour in the bag of ice.

Step 3: Set The Timer

Before getting in, set your timer for the desired duration. We recommend no more than 3 minutes for first time plungers, and 6-7 minutes for experienced plungers.

Step 4: Get In & Breathe

Your ability to create a Light, Slow, Deep Breathing rhythm is critical to reaching your duration goal.

Step 5: Time to Get Out

Upon carefully getting out, we recommend just pat drying your body to help kickstart your metabolism!


A few routines that can help enhance your cold water experience.


The benefits of cold water exposure impact your mood and brain health. Try this Quick Coherence Technique from HeartMath to enhance your state. Perform before, during, or after.

Step 1: Focus your attention in the area of your heart and chest, begin to breathe a little bit slower and deeper than usual.

Step 2: Regenerate a feeling of love or appreciation for someone, something, a special place or event.


Our Power+ workouts integrate the foundational movements of 3DMAPS, Resistance Bands, and Medicine Balls. The result? A great workout in 10 minutes that increases your core body temperature making the Ice Barrel that more enticing!


Box Breathing is designed to enhance your focus, helps to control hyperventilation, and can ease panic and worry. 

Inhale for 4 seconds through your nose

Hold your breath for 4 seconds

Exhale for 4 seconds through your nose or mouth

Hold your breath for 4 seconds, repeat the sequence for 8-10 rounds.


Get in a good sweat prior to taking the plunge! The sauna will enhance your circulation, detoxify, help strengthen your immune system, and may relieve muscle discomfort and pain. 

The combination of heat and cold exposure can help enahnce the benefits of both.

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How Long Should I Stay In?

The duration is completely individualized to the user and their experience. We recommend for a beginning plunger no more than 3 minutes, whereas an experienced plunger up to 6-7 minutes.

How Cold Should The Water Be?

The benefits of cold water exposure occur at temperatures under 60 degrees. The idea is the water temperature should be uncomfortable to the individual. 40 to 50 degrees should be reserved for the individual who had become more cold water adapted.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Utilize?

We recommend daily cold water exposure, of course that is not always practical with utilizing the Ice Barrel. With that in mind integrating your Ice Barrel sessions with cold showers is a great idea!

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