WorkFit: A Cutting Edge Alternative to Corporate Wellness Programs

The term “sitting disease” has been coined by the scientific community and is commonly used when referring to a metabolic syndrome and the ill-effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle. Sitting is related to obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, and depression. The DHF Team realizes the amount of time individuals sit through the day is out weighing the positive benefits of “formal exercise”. We needed to disrupt where individuals spend most of the day – at the office.

About WorkFit: A New Approach to Corporate Wellness

How It Works

Central to WorkFit is the vibrational training kiosk. We’ll work with you to find the best place to install our 10′ x 10′ kiosk in your workplace.

Employees then use the WorkFit app to reserve a 15 minute block during the work day.

Once an employee has their 15 minute session reserved, the employee will begin their private, individual WorkFit session. Employee privacy is inherent to WorkFit, allowing each employee to get active and improve their health in a judgement-free area.

The first part of a WorkFit session is the individual assessment. This is where an employee answers questions about their mental health at the time, and what types of exercises they would like to focus on.

Following the individual assessment, WorkFit uses vibrational training to wake up an employee’s muscles. This is essential to combating the negative health affects of sitting for long periods of time during the work day.

The employee then follows the prompts throughout their individualized workout. This individualized workout makes employees feel better, both mentally and physically. This makes WorkFit the perfect solution for making employees feel rejuvenated, empowering your workplace to be more productive and engaged.

WorkFit sessions are made to be completed without needing to change in to workout clothes. Employees can complete their WorkFit session in their work clothes without having to worry about breaking a sweat or needing to change clothes.

Beyond Wellness Programs. Experience the WorkFit Difference.

A Healthier, Happier & More Efficient Workplace Compared to Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs provide formulaic approaches to workplace wellness. Often, initiatives from corporate wellness programs can seem forced. This can make it challenging for employees to fully embrace corporate wellness programs.

WorkFit is different than corporate wellness programs because the approach is individualized, and gets employees active.

What Makes WorkFit Different for Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness programs often use a one-size-fits-all approach. But every person is motivated differently. WorkFit embraces this reality by providing individual assessments for each employee who uses it. WorkFit then provides personalized workouts.

WorkFit’s Corporate Wellness Benefits

  • Combat the Negative Health Effects from Hours of Sitting Throughout the Workday,
  • Employees Feel Better, Both in Mind and Body,
  • Employees Are More Engaged, Making Them More Productive and Better at Their Jobs,
  • Employees Feel Refreshed, Empowering Them To Get More Done,
  • Your Workplace is Healthier – WorkFit Can Help Reduce Healthcare Costs, and Reduce Down Time from Employees Having to Miss Work Due to Illness

Learn more, and experience the benefits for yourself.