The body is an integrated system that must be conditioned as a whole. Our principles, strategies, and techniques are anchored to the WHOLE you.


Sustaining injury within sport or daily life activities can be not only painful but disempowering. The DHF Team utilizes strategies and techniques that prepares the body for the sport or activity of choice, with a goal of enjoyment and sustainability. Our preventative strategies are a blend of our reconditioning and performance strategies, as we know they are inevitably integrated for success.


Unfortunately many individuals are faced with chronic discomfort or pain from past injuries. They have worked through formal therapy and were “released”. Traditional therapeutic exercise creates artificial support, and when they individual returns to play or work realize their body was not built for function. Blending our preventative strategies and ultimately having an “eye” on our performance strategies is at the core of creating effective reconditioning programs.


Blending our prevention and reconditioning strategies and gradually tweaking those movements to enhance strength and power elements is at the core of our 3D Performance Systems.


3DMAPS is powered by the Gray Institute. 3DMAPS is a powerful assessment tool  for your coach to identify your functional thresholds as it relates to you / your goals / and your specific activity/sport. All programs begin with 3DMAPS. Programs such as:

  • Active Soft Tissue Health
  • Fitness & Vitality
  • Small Group Training
  • Youth Sports Conditioning
  • Golf Conditioning
  • Obstacle Course & Running Conditioning
  • Functional Nutrition

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