Whether you’re new to obstacle course runs, or this isn’t your first go at it, Dynamic Health and Fitness will help you prepare for the obstacles you will encounter so you will bring home the medal — and have fun doing it!

Don’t live near Dynamic Health and Fitness? No problem! This March we are launching our new online OCR training program through our app. We have helped over 150 racers cross the finish line safely and successfully and we are ready to help you conquer the course! This program is designed to help you increase your strength and fitness, reduce the risk of injury through flexibility, balance and core training and learn the techniques of the obstacles on the course, including the rope climb!

You can utilize our Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Training program to train for a race you’ve chosen to do or as just a fun, challenging way to exercise and achieve your fitness goals!

Whats even more awesome is you can do this at home, in a gym or anywhere you prefer to train!

So if you’re feeling ready to take on a new challenge, boost your health and grow your confidence, this training is for you! Click the register button to reserve your spot when the program drops on March 9th.

What's Included?

This program starts with the fundamental flexibility and stability training needed to prevent injury on the course and will build you through the endurance, strength and power portions needed to crush the obstacles on the course. The program includes 3 progressive phases of training with 4 different workouts (Grip/Hang/Pull, Carry/Lift/Throw, Run/Crawl/Jump and Interval) for each phase. That’s a total of 12 different workouts over the course of this 12 week training program!

CoachFit App

All exercises in this program are videoed and narrated on our app. The sets, reps are all in there too! You can even track your workouts and progress. All you have to do is log in and click workout!

OCR Training Equipment

Purchase of this program includes the tools needed to complete the program. Our OCR kit includes the following pieces of equipment:
Super Sandbag / Resistance Bands / Massage Roller / RockFloss

Are You Spartan Tough?

Get Started today with our complete OCR Training package today!