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More than 25 million Americans report having chronic discomfort & pain everyday, and more than 100 million expressed having some form of pain in the past three months. Most common complaints are:

Low back pain

Knee pain

Foot pain

Neck & shoulder pain

Traditional strategies have been pharmaceutical aids, RICE, and pain specific therapy intervention with little success. Our approach is through Functional Soft Tissue Continuum. It is systems driven, not symptom driven. The body must be looked at as a whole (physical, biological, & behavioral) in order to discover the reason behind the pain. It is rare that the symptom site is the reason for the pain or discomfort. Another region is likely moving ineffectively which sparks a chain reaction through the body causing compensatory movements.

The goal of our programs is to address chronic aches and discomforts for current or past injuries, resolve structural to functional relationships between muscles, bone, nerve, and most importantly improve current functional thresholds.

If You’re Not Assessing, You’re Guessing


3D MAPS is powered by the Gray Institute. 3D MAPS is a powerful assessment tool  for your coach to identify your functional thresholds as it relates to you / your goals / and your specific activity/sport.


For the athlete, mobility and stability create the foundation for performance – but a deeper assessment is needed. The D.M.S. is designed to assess your current strength, metabolic, and power profiles as it relates to your goals and specific sport needs.

Strength Screenings for:

  • Push/Pull
  • Vertical Lifting
  • Rotational Strength
  • Levels

Metabolic Screenings for:

  • Heart Rate Thresholds

Power Screenings for:

  • Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Agility
  • Speed & Reaction
  • Max Power
  • Plyometrics


These screenings will be personalized to your sports demands as needed.

What Should You Expect From A Session

After initial phone consultation you will receive an invite to our DHF CoachFit App which includes a subjective information form you are to fill out prior to the first session. The subjective form will set the framework for our 3DMAPS / Dynamic Movement Screening (D.M.S.).

Live or Virtual Screening

It is your choice on where to perform the initial screening, it can be done live at the studio or remotely via our Zoom Platform. We will discuss the environment on the phone consultation.

During the screening we will discuss your goals and desires, and then progress to a personalized movement screening. In order to perform the screening efficiently please have clothing appropriate for moving. (shorts, t-shirts, sneakers).

At the conclusion of your screening  you will receive  your initial movement program via the DHF CoachFit  app. It will include an easy to follow home conditioning program with full video, written description, and tracking capabilities.

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