Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is a day to day awareness around how you’re thinking and feeling. It helps you become more aware of your patterns of behavior and determine if those patterns are helping you get closer to outcomes that matter? Various health benefits of daily journaling include:

  • Enhancing Personal Resilience
  • Improving Overall Mood
  • Igniting Your Drive
  • Improved Cognitive Skills
  • Boost Your Immune System

What You Will Get Out Of This

In this 15-minute webinar, Ralph Simone discusses the Dynamic Health and Fitness Vitality Journal. You’ll learn about the context of the journal and about how incorporating journaling in your day to day routines can contribute to scaling your leadership and your effectiveness.


90 Day Journal

Each registrant will receive a special discount code to purchase your Vitality Journal.


Webinar On Demand

After the webinar you will be sent private link for repeat viewing to strengthen your understanding.


BONUS: Healthy Habit Videos

Upon registering you will receive a PDF that includes healthy habits and video links.

About Ralph

Ralph Simone has spent over a quarter of a century helping individuals and organizations transform themselves, raise their consciousness, and perform at their fullest potential.


As a Black Belt in karate and an avid reader, Ralph understands the benefits of consistent practice and continuous learning as an integral part of leadership development.


He received his B.B.A. from Siena College in 1979 with a major in accounting. He is a Certified Professional Coach, specializing in leadership and organizational effectiveness, and has amassed over 15,000 paid client coaching hours and holds multiple certifications.


An accomplished writer and sought-after speaker, Ralph is currently writing a book entitled “Transforming: A Leader’s Guide to Integrated Intelligence.” He also published “Making It Stick” and “The Daily Re-Tweet.”