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Vitality is Fitness for Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Others are still relying on science from decades ago.
Traditional training programs focus on fitness, which has many traditional implications. How well can we do something we desire by enhancing our strength, cardio, and flexibility with traditional exercises? All of this is to be accomplished with limited strategies outside of moving more, and pushing harder.

Here's how we're different...
Vitality involves the fitness of your body, mind, and spirit. The combination of fitness and vitality allow the individual to thrive, not just survive. Vitality looks at what we want to do with our ability to be fit. It looks past ourselves, and looks at the ability to thrive in others areas of our lives - thus influencing and helping others. To thrive is to have a presence in our space, expand our space, and dominate your space.

A Vitality Program -

  • is personal
  • is based on your goals and specific activities 
  • must be customizable
  • looks at more than just your physical body. It looks at your mind and spirit
  • is based on research, clinical application, and our coaches' personal experience
  • follows sound principles in the field of biomechanics, anatomy & physiology, biochemistry & nutrition, and cognitive sciences
  • is integrated, not built in isolation. An integrated program looks to incorporate mindset training, nutrition, movement, and recovery for you, your body's needs, your goals, and specific activities.
  • is functional. Movement components must be based on what you need and want in order to be optimally efficient and effective. Programming must be at the right time, right amount, and right result for you. 
  • is built to empower and motivate - Success is the key to motivation and empowerment.  Success creates the environment for sustainable training and optimal performance.
  • is accountable - Individuals want an environment that is result-oriented. It provides guidance, supervision, and adherence. It is training that keeps us accountable and feeds our purpose.
  • is progressive - Results-driven programming creates the map for you to initially see results. It is dynamic at heart to understand that the map must be tweaked for sustainable results based on your status each time you partake in a movement conditioning program.


Every Vitality Program will consist of 4 integrated pillars 

  • Mindset: Identify Your Fire
  • Nutrition: Build Your Fire
  • Movement: Ignite Your Fire
  • Recovery: Sustain Your Fire

All programs will be accessible on private, group, and online platforms. Each program will be catered to a certain class(es) of athlete. Dynamic Health and Fitness believes that everyone can be an athlete. An athlete is defined as one who demonstrates and can progress a set of physical skills based on an individual task or activity.

  • Junior Athletes (8-14 yrs old)
  • Scholastic Athletes (14-18 yrs old)
  • Collegiate/Professional Athlete (18-22+)
  • Transitional Athlete (22-40 yrs old)
  • Seasoned Athlete (40-60 yrs old)
  • Senior Athletes (60+)



Vitality Programs For...


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