Athletes commonly over-train, under-train, and lack an understanding of optimal recovery as it relates to their goal. Traditional methods are still prevalent today that hamper human performance. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) can unveil the secret to our ability to create relative balance between training and recovery needed. 



DHF has aligned with FirstBeat Solutions. Firstbeat examines the data rich details of the heart’s adjustments to create feedback that helps people reach higher performance goals and improve human performance. By this way, the data is turned into rich, valuable, and understandable feedback that helps our coaches create a better training environment. The athlete wears an ECG monitor for 3 consecutive days analyzing the body at motion and rest. Upon competition the athlete and coach receive a detailed report for instant feedback.








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    Once we have identified the athletes baseline a movement screening is performed to identify successful movement patterns, and localized regions of concern. The assessment allows us to identify recovery needs to create body balance.


      Upon analysis of the mobility and stability movements, your individualized success code is determined and your body map is designed. The design of your program is personalized just for you. Each program integrates mindset, nutrition, movement, recovery, and cognitive skills to help optimize your ability to perform.

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    A la carte PRICING

    Recovery Zone: 75/mo (unlimited)

    Individual Training Sessions: 69/hr

    Group Training: 150/mo (unlimited / screening / recovery zone)