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Do you want to get out of pain while running?  Do you want to create a more efficient running stride? Do you want to prepare for an upcoming race? The coaches at Dynamic Health and Fitness can create a customized running program to help you  accomplish all of these goals.



DHF has aligned with Microgate Training Solutions utilizing the GYKO biofeedback sensors. GYKO is an inertial measurement tool for the analysis of the movement of any body segment. Discover the proprioceptive ability of your foot and ankle complex - invaluable information for a runner. Identify any asymmetries as your run that could inhibit performance and lead to potential discomfort or pain.  The feedback received will help runners reach higher performance goals. By this way, the data is turned into rich, valuable, and understandable feedback that helps our coaches create a better runner conditioning program. 








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    Once we have identified the runners baseline a movement screening is performed to identify successful movement patterns, and localized regions of concern. Within the movement screening a joint by joint analysis is completed within minutes stressing your bodies mobility and stability.


      Upon analysis of the mobility and stability movements, your individualized success code is determined and your body map is designed. The design of your program is personalized just for you. Each program integrates mindset, nutrition, movement, recovery, and cognitive skills to help optimize your ability to perform.

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      With over 50 years of coaching experience combined, the DHF Team utilizes a client-centric approach to our program. The goal of our coaching is to create an environment that has a shared purpose towards your personal goals.

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