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Do you want to get out of pain while running?  Do you want to create a more efficient running stride? Do you want to prepare for an upcoming race? The coaches at Dynamic Health and Fitness can create a customized running program to help you  accomplish all of these goals.
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Vitality for Running utilizes an effective and efficient process to analyze and condition the running movement, performance, and resiliency status which directly correlates to on-the-road performance.
  • Create a Running Mindset
  • Running Endurance / Sustainability Analysis
  • Joint-by-Joint Analysis to pre-determine your body's needs
  • Stability & Strength/Power Assessment utilizing biofeedback sensors
  • Pre-Run Mindset Strategies
  • Pre/Post Nutrition Strategies
  • Movement Conditioning Plan with Skills Training at our Facility
  • Running Recovery & Restoration Techniques

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