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Gain an edge on the ice this year! Shoot faster, play stronger, move quicker and reduce your risk of injury after completing our hockey program.  Sign up for your assessment to get started and join the thousands of CNY athletes who have taken their game to the next level through Dynamic Health and Fitness's training.

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Vitality for Hockey utilizes an effective and efficient process to analyze and condition the skating and shooting movement, performance, and resiliency status which directly correlates to on-the-ice performance.
  • Create a Hockey Player Mindset
  • Hockey Coordination / Agility Analysis
  • Joint-by-Joint Analysis to pre-determine your body's needs
  • Stability & Strength/Power Assessment utilizing biofeedback sensors

  • Hockey Players' Pre-Game Mindset Strategies
  • Hockey Players' Pre/Post Nutrition Strategies
  • Hockey Players' Movement Conditioning Plan with Skills Training at our Facility
  • Hockey Players' Recovery & Restoration Techniques
  • 12 Week Conditioning Plan
Take your game to the next level and sign up for the Vitality Hockey Program below.

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