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Golf is a sport with a complex swing.  In order to have an effective and efficient swing, the body must have the ability to coordinate a sequence of motions required. Optimal flexibility, mobility, balance, strength, and power are needed for proper sequencing. If there are limitations within your body in any of these areas, your body will take the path of least resistance to create the golf swing which limits the potential of your shot. Dynamic Health & Fitness is proud to introduce our Vitality for Golf Program. Work with movement specialists to prepare your body for the most powerful swing you have ever had, with energy left over to play the next day!

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Vitality for Golf utilizes an effective and efficient process to analyze and condition a golfers’ movement, performance, and resiliency status which directly correlates to on-the-green performance.


  • Create a Golfer's Mindset
  • Swing Analysis utilizing Zepp
  • Joint-by-Joint Analysis to pre-determine your body's needs
  • Stability & Strength Assessment utilizing biofeedback sensors


  • Golfers' Pre-Round Mindset Strategies
  • Golfers' Pre/Post Nutrition Strategies
  • Golfers' Movement Conditioning Plan with Skills Training at our state-of-the-art Indoor Range
  • Golfers' Recovery & Restoration Techniques
  • 12 Week Conditioning Plan

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