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More than 25 million Americans report having chronic pain everyday, and more than 100 million expressed having some form of pain in the past three months. Most common complaints are:

  • Low back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Neck & shoulder pain

Traditional strategies have been pharmaceutical aids, RICE, and pain specific therapy intervention with little success. Our approach is through Functional Soft Tissue Transformation (FSTT). It is systems driven, not symptom driven. The body must be looked at as a whole (physical, biological, & behavioral) in order to discover the reason behind the pain. It is rare that the symptom site is the reason for the pain or discomfort. Another region is likely moving ineffectively which sparks a chain reaction through the body causing compensatory movements. 

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FSTT utilizes an effective and efficient process to analyze and condition an individuals’ movement, performance, and resiliency status which directly correlates to efficient and pain-free movement.


  • Create an Individual's Mindset
  • Global Movement Analysis 
  • Joint-by-Joint Analysis to pre-determine your body's needs
  • Stability & Strength Assessment utilizing biofeedback sensors


  • Individuals' Pre-Workout Mindset Strategies
  • Individuals' Pre/Post Nutrition Strategies
  • Individuals' Movement Conditioning Plan with Isolated to Integrated Techniques 
  • Individuals' Recovery & Restoration Techniques
  • 12 Week Conditioning Plan

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