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Do you want or love to hit the bag? Do you want to more power? Do you want to fight back and become more reslient? The coaches at Dynamic Health and Fitness can create a customized boxing conditioning program to help you accomplish all of these goals.

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Prepare your body to box. Each boxing class will begin with movement specific drills to mobilize your feet, hips, spine, and shoulders. The mobility drills will have your mind focused for the upcoming rounds, your blood circulating, and your muscles flexible and ready.

Our conditioning program is designed to address the fundamental moves of boxing - squatting, step lunging, reaching, rotating, and of course punching. The in class layering progresses you from bodyweight only to enhancing the moves with medicine balls, dumbbells, sandbells, and more.

Each of our rounds are three minutes long where your coach guides you through a series of punches on our Everlast HydroStrike Water Bags. The HydroStrike technology absorbs strikes so you can have a safer more enjoyable workout. Your punching ability will progress through a series of tweaks - from jabs, hooks, and uppercuts to the rate & intensity of punches. 

Finish your boxing class with our Rewind - Realign - Rejuvenate Recovery Program. To begin you will unwind your body from all of the punches thrown through reverse boxing, transitioning to realigning your bodies hips and shoulders, and finalize the workout by restoring and rejuvenating your body so your inspired to box again!