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Welcome To The DHF OCR Performance Program

Whether you’re new to obstacle course runs, or this isn’t your first go at it, Dynamic Health and Fitness will help you prepare for the obstacles you will encounter so you will bring home the medal — and have fun doing it!

4 Pillars Of OCR Conditioning

This program starts with the fundamental flexibility and stability training needed to prevent injury on the course and will build you through the endurance, strength and power portions needed to crush the obstacles on the course. The program includes 3 progressive phases of training with 4 different workouts (Grip/Hang/Pull, Carry/Lift/Throw, Run/Crawl/Jump and Interval) for each phase. That’s a total of 12 different workouts over the course of this 12 week training program!


Mobility training is designed to prepare you for an event, prepare you for a workout, and recover after an event. OCR specific mobility drills can include bodyweight only drills, self massage techniques, and mindset training to optimize your game!


Once the body has achieved the necessary mobility requirements for the goal, the body must demonstrate an ability to stabilize from within. Muscles, bones, and nerves must be integrated to allow the body to to be OCR strong!


Endurance is a key aspect of OCR conditioning, the body must be conditioned for a steady pace to an all out short burst. Your bodies endurance and mental endurance need to be conditioned to finish the event strong.


Power training is essential to maximize performance on the course. Drills are designed to create a similar sequence that is needed with the OCR obstacles.

The OCR Program Kit Includes

CoachFit Mobile App

Your exercises and program are built within the CoachFit App. All exercises are in full video. Workouts are designed to be accomplished in 15-30 minutes a day.

OCR Performance e-Book

Designed to lay out the plan for you, draw awareness to your needs, and review the strategies to create success.

Pro Grade Equipment*

  • TP Therapy Vibe Ball
  • Resistance Bands
  • Medicine Ball
  • * Not available in Just the Program option

Plans for all levels

Our program is built for you the individual. For those who want the equipment and professional coaching guidance we have the plan for you.

Just The Program

Already have the equipment? No problem, choose this plan to get right to work!

  • OCR Performance e-Book
  • 12 Week OCR Program On CoachFit


The OCR Performance Kit

Our complete kit includes all of the equipment you need for our OCR performance program. Includes a virtual assessment via our Coach Consult Feature built in our app.

  • OCR Performance e-Book
  • 12 Week OCR Program On CoachFit
  • Virtual Assessment
  • OCR Equipment
  • BONUS: Get In The Zone e-Book
  • BONUS: Functional Nutrition e-Book


The Kit +Coaching

The professional package includes live coaching sessions with your DHF Coach via FaceTime or Zoom. Progress checks, motivation, and education are at the core of our +Coaching.

  • OCR Performance e-Book
  • 12 Week OCR Program On CoachFit
  • Virtual Assessment
  • 3 Monthly Coaching Sessions via FaceTime or Zoom
  • OCR Equipment
  • BONUS: Get In The Zone e-Book
  • BONUS: Functional Nutrition e-Book



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How long is the OCR program?

The OCR Performance program is 12 weeks in duration. The program is designed to address all areas of your bodies needs. Mobility, strength, endurance, and power comments are in each weekly session. The program can be utilized multiple times a year based on your OCR season.  

What is so different about this program?

An OCR program should look, feel, and smell like OCR. All movements are designed to function similarly to the demands you will face on the course. The coaches behind the design of the program have years of experience not only coaching OCR athletes, but participating themselves.

Do I Have To Race?

No! The OCR program is a way to vary things up in your day to day fitness regimen. You will be challenged to accomplish drills that are not found in the typical program.

Do I need equipment?

The quick answer is no, you can choose the bodyweight exercises only within the program. However to enhance the effectiveness the program, we recommend utilizing the equipment within our OCR Kit which includes a medicine ball, resistance bands, and a massage ball.  

Is this program only for serious athletes?

No, the OCR program is built for someone looking to accomplish their first OCR Sprint Race to the seasoned athlete looking to improve their time.  

What can I expect to feel and achieve?

This is a great question! First you should gain an awareness of what your body needs through our OCR screening assessment. Next you should feel a body that has increased mobility, strength, endurance and power. Lastly, you should conquer the obstacles laid out in front of you!