We created the YRewards Program as an incentive to living a healthy lifestyle. We believe that adding more daily movement daily will decrease the chance of chronic disease and improve your vitality.

How To Earn Points

Move to Earn! Points are earned by utilizing the various programs and workouts available with DHF.  All you need to do is to move and track workouts at StudioFit, HomeFit, or WorkFit.

How To Use Points

Using points is EASY! Every product in our pro shop can be purchased with your current points total or dollars. Simple. Rewarding.

Shop & Earn

Earn bonus points for every product, or apparel/merchandise item purchased at dynamichealthfitness.com. Just a simple way to earn a few more points!

Secondly, you can earn points by participating in our Strive to Thrive Series. This program is comprised of numerous personal challenges and events that are meant to take you beyond your comfort zone. Big accomplishment mean big rewards!


Chin Up Challenge

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Complete a 5k

Point Earnings


Private Session @ DHF = 5 points

Group Sessions @ DHF = 5 points

WorkFit Sessions = 5 points

HomeFit Session = 5 points

Completion of a Strive To Thrive Personal Challenge = 50 points

Completion of a Strive To Thrive Event = 100 points

Refer a Friend or Family Member to enroll in a DHF Service = 250 points

Movement Reward Categories

Workout Gear | Nutrition Supplements | Apparel

Our Pro Shop has 4 categories just like our Movement Meter. Click the images below to explore products within each category.

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