Research suggests up to 50% of participants will drop out of a conditioning program within the first six months of starting. The reasons are endless: lack of time, self-doubt, fear of failing, lack of support, and unrealistic expectations to name a few. As coaches, our responsibility is to create an environment of success for the participants to create sustainable progress. When an individual feels success, their self-efficacy and confidence improves. We want and need to feel the value of exercise.

In each of our 30-60 minute classes, individuals will move within multiple learning environments, thus becoming players. Individuals working hard together inevitably become coaches to one another. As the individuals move together they become teammates. With success at the core of our Adult Group Training, we set out to create group environment classes that consisted of three strategies to make you feel success.


The movements that are within each workout are designed to to ensure success. Although, that does not mean easy. The moves are close to your functional threshold (ability to perform effectively).


Once success is found, the participant needs to be challenged appropriately. Your inner strength and will to succeed will be tested.


The last phase of the class is designed to educate you on the thought process, so that you can create your own personal challenges to maintain a healthy lifestyle full of movement.



A high energy, circuit based training program with a focus on metabolic conditioning, strength, and power. Each class takes you through movement preparation, fundamentals, games, enhancers, and recovery.

Charge classes include:

  • Monthly performance testing utilizing Witty SEM
  • Access into our exclusive DHF Remote Trainer App
  • @ Home conditioning program for sustained results


The Shield program is designed for the active adult and weekend warrior looking to create a body that is resilient and prepared for life – Whether that is daily life activities or recreational sport.

The focus of the program is mobility, goals are based on creating balance within our Autonomic Nervous System, enhancing soft tissue health, and activating dormant muscles.

Shield classes include:

  • Monthly mobility testing
  • Access into our exclusive DHF Remote Trainer App
  • @ Home resilience program for sustained results

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