What Is The DHF Methodology

Your conditioning program is based on the principles – strategies – techniques of Applied Functional Science powered by Gray Institute. AFS is the convergence of the physical (world we live in)/biological (our body)/behavioral (mind & spirit) sciences. Achieve Functional Mobility, Strength, Metabolic Condition, and Power based on your needs, your goals, your activities.

Who Is The DHF Method For?

Our team focuses on performance and recovery training for anyone looking to achieve a higher level of function. Sport specific athletes, baby boomers looking to rejuvenate their body, and seniors looking for “active aging”.

Can Anyone Get An Appointment At DHF

Appointment are available for the general public. Please note that due to high demand we could have a waiting list for appointments with our DHF Coaches. Waiting lists are usually 1-2 weeks out. Please go to our contact page to reach out to our team.

What Technology Do Your DHF Coaches Utilize For Screenings & Sessions?

Our team utilizes state of the art measuring tools to quantify the screenings. Our goal is to assess where your starting point is, evaluate your training effect and recovery abilities to allow us to modify and redefine your program each month. 3D Motion Sensors & Capture software from Spark Motion, PUSH, Witty SEM, Brain HQ, and Zepp guide your movement program. HeartMath and FirstBeat tools help analyze your capacity to be resilient as you train for your goal.

Does The DHF Performance Center Offer Group Programming?

Yes, we offer an array of goal oriented programs at our location. It is important to note our method is focused on you the individual, with that focus we do not allow drop in class environments. Every individual is screened individually prior to entry into our group programs. Every 30 days individuals will meet with their DHF Coach for re-evaluations.

Am I Able To Come In By Myself To Utilize The Performance Center?

Yes, within our DHF Performance Center we have designated automated stations that include Mobility, Strength, Metabolic, and Power focuses. Individuals must reserve a station on our DHF Remote Trainer App for entry.

Do I Have To Be A Client At The DHF Performance Center To Adopt The Method?

Our mission is to reach as many individuals we can to enhance their physical activity and nourishment in oder to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Our DHF Fit App is the foundation for our method. Within in a few steps one can receive their “Game Plan” for acceding their goals. Plans are designed daily, weekly, and monthly for the user to employ.

How Much Does DHF Coaching Cost?

For live coaching each individual starts with a movement screening which costs 99.00. Afterwards individuals can choose memberships including all of our services ranging from 150.00 a month and up. Also a la carte offerings are available.

How Much Does The DHF Fit App Cost?

The DHF Fit App is FREE to download and provides you with basic workouts. For individual coaching subscriptions cost 9.99/mo. To download the app go to either the iTunes Store of Google Play Store and search DHF Fit App.

What Platforms Is HomeFit available on?

HomeFit will work on the Apple TV (tvOS), iPhone and iPad (iOS), Android, and WebApp.

What Is The Movement Meter?

We designed the Movement Meter as a tool that allows individuals to analyze their weekly movement needs. You decide your weekly movement goal, and the meter informs you on what that should look like. What type of movement you are doing is just as important as how much you are doing in order to reach your goal. The meter measures mobility, strength, metabolic, and power training needs.

How Do I Set The Weekly Movement Meter ?

Within the DHF Fit App, simply press the menu button on the top left and click the tab Movement Meter Settings. Once there click under workout duration header and input your goal. The movement meter will then update the goal for the upcoming Monday through Sunday week. Do not worry about the mobility|strength|metabolic|power components as the meter will assess and indicate how much is needed.

Will the Movement Meter Sync On All Devices?

Yes, the Movement Meter is designed to work with you no matter what the platform. Once you complete the workout it will automatically sync across all platforms.

Will Each Family Member Have Their Own Movement Meter In The Family Plan?

Yes, the family plan is designed for up to 4 family members. Each member will have their own unique username and password, which will open up their individual Movement Meter.

Can I Cancel My Monthly HomeFit Subscription At Anytime?

Yes, the subscription is a month to month plan and you can cancel at anytime. Upon cancellation you will have access to HomeFit for the remaining month.

What Type Of Workouts Should I Expect?

All HomeFit workouts are designed with a coach-led strategy. You will follow along as our coaches lead you through the workout.

How Much Does HomeFit Cost?

HomeFit costs 9.99 per month for the individual, and 14.99 for the family plan. Each subscription comes with a 30 day free trial.

How Do I Invite Clients To App?

There are 2 ways to invite clients into your app.

  1. Via your iOS or Droid App
  2. Via your web app (dhf.gomotive.com)

On the mobile app you can invite clients through the splash page by clicking the connect or program button. Either option will unveil a clients tab, which opens up your current client list as well as a + icon on the bottom right. Click the + icon and choose to invite new client to an individual game plan or group.

On the web app, the same two buttons are on the splash page, with the only difference from above is the + icon is on the top right.

How Does My Client/Patient View Their Program?

The client/patient will have access to the program via the DHF Fit App available on all iOS and Droid platforms as well as the web app.

Is CoachFit GDPR and HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, CoachFit is compliant for both.

What Is The Dynamic Movement Screening?

The DMS is the CoachFit interactive screening. After identifying the client/patient goal you will choose from various screenings for Mobility, Strength, Metabolic, and Power. Education videos will be provided for full understanding of the “why’s and how’s” for each screening as well as a quick reminder video embedded right within the screening. The best part of the DMS is it is available right in your app, and will save the results of each screening.

What Happens After A DMS?

After you perform a DMS, algorithm based “Game Plans” (programs) will be populated based on your findings. View the program, and simply click to publish right to the client’s app.

What Does A Game Plan Consist Of?

A Game Plan starts right from the initial contact with the client/patient. You assign an intake form within the app that they complete and immediately notifies you to view the form. You choose the DMS Screening based on the goal, and The Game Plan is then developed. A Game Plan consist of a full program. A program is a series of related measures and workouts with a focus on a long term goal. Habit based coaching is then implemented within each Game Plan to provide the needed guidance and practices to enhance the sustainability of the program.

What Form Of Media Consists In A Game Plan?

All workouts and habit based coaching are via video, and support material can come in the form of PDF’s that are accessed right within the app.

Am I Able To Track My Client Results?

Yes, you are able to see workouts and habits completed daily under the Tracking Tab. Specific goals you have set up for an individual such as weekly movement screenings can also be viewed under the Results Tab.

What Is The CoachFit Game Plan Methods?

The Game Plans are based on the principles – strategies – techniques of Applied Functional Science powered by Gray Institute. AFS is the convergence of the physical (world we live in)/biological (our body)/behavioral (mind & spirit) sciences. Achieve Functional Mobility, Strength, Metabolic Condition, and Power based on your clients needs, their goals, their activities.

What Is The Race Comprised Of?

The Reebok Spartan Sprint: This is our shortest distance. It is perfect for athletes of all levels; from Spartan first timers to seasoned racers. The 3-5 Mile Sprint may be our shortest distance but it packs more than 20 Signature Spartan Obstacles. If you think you can’t do it, you’re wrong. Get to the starting line and show yourself what you are capable of.

Do I Have To Race To Participate In The Class?

No, you can utilize this program to train for other races or mud runs.

Does The Cost Of The Training Program Include The Race?

No. The race cost will be paid separately to Spartan Race.

I Signed Up For The Training program. How Do i Sign up For The Race?

Coach Nick will send you a link to sign up for the race under the Dynamic team banner.

Will We Be Starting The Race Together?

Yes, each Dynamic team member will be starting at the same time.

Will A Coach Be With Me The Whole Race?

Up to you. Our training group will decide together what each of our goals are. If you want to go for your personal best, you may go ahead of the group. If your goal is to simply complete the race, a coach will be with this group of people at all times and we will go at a team pace.  No Dynamic team member will be left behind without a coach.

Are Dynamic Yoga Classes For All Levels From Beginners To Advanced ?

Yes, Dynamic Yoga was created to invite someone trying yoga for the first time while allowing someone with more experience to modify their poses to make it more challenging.

Can I Practice Dynamic Yoga At Home?

We encourage practicing your Dynamic Yoga at home as well. Dynamic Health And  Fitness powers our HomeFit app. The HomeFit app can be accessed via Apple TV and iOS devices. Our awaken, rejuvenate, and relax programs are found within.

How Many Classes Do You Recommend I Attend In A Week To Feel The Benefits Of Yoga?

As much as we believe Yoga should be a daily practice we understand that not realistic for many reasons. Furthermore, the mission of Dynamic health And Fitness is to encourage a balance between the type of exercise that you perform. Yoga focuses primarily on mobility, individuals must then work at strength, metabolic, and power pillars. A general guideline we adhere to is practicing yoga a minimal of 2 times per week.

What Should I Wear To Yoga?

We recommend clothes that do not restrict your motion as well as attire that your feel comfortable in, so you can relax while moving through your poses.

Can Both Men and Women Attend Dynamic Yoga?

Yes, we encourage both men and women to attend classes together. The principles and strategies we adhere to are the same in regards to gender. We are environmentalists at the core of our coaching methods. Creating a safe and comfortable environment for success is first and foremost.