Your conditioning program is based on the principles – strategies – techniques of Applied Functional Science powered by Gray Institute. AFS is the convergence of the physical (world we live in)/biological (our body)/behavioral (mind & spirit) sciences. Achieve Functional Mobility, Strength, Metabolic Condition, and Power based on your needs, your goals, your activities.

Our team focuses on performance and recovery training for anyone looking to achieve a higher level of function. Sport specific athletes, baby boomers looking to rejuvenate their body, and seniors looking for “active aging”.

Appointment are available for the general public. Please note that due to high demand we could have a waiting list for appointments with our DHF Coaches. Waiting lists are usually 1-2 weeks out. Please go to our contact page to reach out to our team.

Our team utilizes state of the art measuring tools to quantify the screenings. Our goal is to assess where your starting point is, evaluate your training effect and recovery abilities to allow us to modify and redefine your program each month. 3D Motion Sensors & Capture software from Spark Motion, PUSH, Witty SEM, Brain HQ, and Zepp guide your movement program. HeartMath and FirstBeat tools help analyze your capacity to be resilient as you train for your goal.

Yes, we offer an array of goal oriented programs at our location. It is important to note our method is focused on you the individual, with that focus we do not allow drop in class environments. Every individual is screened individually prior to entry into our group programs. Every 30 days individuals will meet with their DHF Coach for re-evaluations.

Yes, within our DHF Performance Center we have designated automated stations that include Mobility, Strength, Metabolic, and Power focuses. Individuals must reserve a station on our DHF Remote Trainer App for entry.

Our mission is to reach as many individuals we can to enhance their physical activity and nourishment in oder to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Our DHF Remote App is the foundation for our method. Within in a few steps one can receive their “Game Plan” for acceding their goals. Plans are designed daily, weekly, and monthly for the user to employ.

For live coaching each individual starts with a movement screening which costs 99.00. Afterwards individuals can choose memberships including all of our services ranging from 150.00 a month and up. Also a la carte offerings are available.

The DHF Remote Trainer App is FREE to download and provides you with basic workouts. For individual coaching subscriptions cost 9.99/mo. To download the app go to either the iTunes Store of Google Play Store and search DHF Remote Trainer App.