Before you can dispense Game Plan programs to your clients/patients, you need to get to know the individualtheir goals, their functional thresholds, their activities/sports they partake in.

Step 1: Send and review subjective intake form within app

Step 2: Assess the functional thresholds through our Dynamic Movement Screening

Step 3: Input the result right in the app, D.M.S. results are saved within client profile to review


Mobility is the first pillar of our D.M.S. and also apart every Game Plan Template created. Our mobility screening looks at your clients/patients movement abilities from a localized to global spectrum. Assessing the successes of the foot/ankle complex – hips – an thoracic spine as focal points.


Strength looks at your clients/patients ability to get up from the ground to a stand position, lift objects from ground to overhead, pushing and pulling strength, and rotational strength. Game Plans are built for general health to sport.


A critical aspect of any conditioning program is metabolic training. Metabolic training or conditioning is utilized to provide varying aspects of energy utilization, in other words how we convert the fuel we eat into a useable form of energy. Metabolic screenings are designed to assess the current level of conditioning and provide a guide to your Game Plan program.


Traditionally, power training was thought only for athletics. We now know better, power training and it’s various forms are critical for the athlete up to the more “seasoned athlete”. Assessing your clients/patients ability to accelerate, decelerate, change direction, and power on demand are critical in a progressive designed Game Plan.


Designing programs is one of the most time consuming and daunting tasks for a coach. Your time is better spent with your client/patient. CoachFit has created an algorithm based on your D.M.S. that automatically propagates the Game Plan associated with the screening.


All Game Plans begin with workouts. With over 100 workouts pre-designed to match your D.M.S. there will be no questions from your clients/patients on what they need to do at home. Videos, written description, and movement variables are available at the touch of a finger.


The CoachFit platform believes that building a routine of repeated behaviors (habits) are key to creating long lasting change within your client/patient. CoachFit is pre-loaded with over 36 game changing habits under the physical, nutrition, and recovery categories.


The mission of CoachFit is to create a platform that allows coaches to design programs for their clients/patients that instill  proactive practices that improve their overall health and vitality. Movement is only half of the equation, nutrition must integrate with any sound movement program.


The CoachFit platform has recommended support materials to go along with each game plan. Support materials are built to strengthen the coaching relationship, and educate the client/patient on details of their Game Plan.

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