Why Participate?

A fundamental life movement is having the ability to pull. Pulling involves either pulling an object or person (in a sport) towards you or having the ability to pull your body up to an object. Your capacity to pull yourself up efficiently is predicated on your pulling strength. The chin-up involves having adequate flexibility and mobility in your shoulders and arms; having the strength in the shoulders/arms and core regions.

What Does the Challenge Entail?

The challenge is for the beginner who cannot do a pull up successfully, and also for the the intermediate to advanced individual who wants to build the amount they can do. The challenge lasts four weeks in duration, and involves 5-10 minutes of activity daily. The challenge will include a movement preparation component emphasizing mobility and stability for the shoulder/arm regions and fundamental pulling movements to build the capacity of. For the beginner, the challenge is to perform 1 chin-up after 4 weeks. For the intermediate to advanced individual, you will be asked to increase the reps by 40% in four weeks.


There is no cost for the challenge and the program will be distributed via our CoachFit App. Simply fill in the form below to enroll today.