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What is Curcumin?

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is an antioxidant from the root of tumeric, a spice common in Indian cooking. The benefits of curcumin begin with aiding in your bodies natural anti-inflammatory response and supporting joint health. Studies indicate that it might help in osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Supplementing with curcumin has shown to decrease symptoms of osteoarthritis by more than half. By alleviating symptoms individuals can improve day to day functional capacities, enhancing their vitality. Curcumin also helps with general day-to-day pain – and the relief provided by 400 to 500 mg of curcumin seems comparable to taking 2000 mg of acetaminophen (Tylenol).


Although research is ongoing, early studies have found that curcumin has a role in cancer cell destruction, and has an ability to slow the growth of tumors.  Curcumin is a catalyst for a process called autophagy. Autophagy is a selective destruction of damaged cellular tissue, by isolating damaged cells inhibiting them from metastasis.

Safety and dosing

The commonly recommended dose for general health purposes is around 500 mg of curcumin daily. Research suggests that doses of up to 8-12 grams per day are safe. The main reported side effect is some gastrointestinal discomfort. However, curcumin by itself is poorly absorbed. So to benefit from it, you’ll need a supplement with enhanced bioavailability.

Methods to improve bioavailability include added black pepper extract (piperine), mixing with phosphatidylcholine (phytosomes), or taking a curcumin nanoparticle product. Check labels to ensure you’re getting a product that will actually work. 

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