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Recover & Condition With MarcPro

Recover & Condition With MarcPro

History of EMS & Marc Pro

1412225_587642301302761_9978033_oThe MarcPro is a new generation electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) aiding individuals in recovery and performance. EMS machines have been around since the 1960’s first being utilized in the sports world by the Soviet Union. In subsequent years, EMS machines have been utilized not only in the performance sector but also the therapeutic world. In the therapeutic world most EMS machines are utilized to re-educate the muscles, by activating them at high intensities. For those individuals recovering from varying injuries/surgeries a re-education of the muscle is absolutely needed. Unfortunately many at-home or performance EMS machines rely on this form of technology for recovery and performance. This technology creates an environment for a muscle to maximally contract and then instantly relax thus fatiguing the muscle. Not the ideal scenario for an individual looking to recover optimally so they can perform better the next day. The Marc Pro technology employs a dynamic decaying waveform that contracts muscles and slowly relaxes them over time. This environment creates a more fluid response in our bodies soft tissue system to aid in recovery and performance.



Recover Faster & Fully

In order for optimal muscle recovery an environment needs to be created to normalize the soft tissue system through the movement of waste and nourishment. The Marc Pro was built to enhance the needed environment. The process begins with the activation of nitric oxide, which will dilate blood vessels thus increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to the localized region. This process creates a catalyst for the lymphatic system to exchange nourishment and waste.  The result is:

  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue
  • Decrease The Chance Of Injury Through Over-Use
  • Feel Rejuvenated To Play Tomorrow


Perform Better

The Marc Pro helps aid the down time in between game and training sessions. Having a systematic training program that helps optimize the work to rest ratio will enhance your next training session, and over time your performance will be enhanced. In the above process of activating nitric oxide, the nourishment input and waste removal will increase your bodies capacity to perform better. The result is:

  • Muscles Can Do More
  • Muscles Can Last Longer
  • Muscles Can Perform Better


The Marc Pro is one of our recovery tools located within our Recovery Zone. To learn more or reserve a recovery session click here.

Jay Morgan, FAFS