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3D MAPS: OS Rotational Chain

3D MAPS: OS Rotational Chain

Dynamic Health & Fitness is proud to present Gray Institute’s 3D MAPS (Movement Analysis and Performance Systems). 3D MAPS provides the coach and the individual a clear path to achieving their movement and performance goals. At the core of 3D MAPS is you, everything is based on your body – your needs – your goals. Your 3D MAPS screening will take you down a journey of movement, exploring fundamental motions such as lunges, squats, reaches, and more that will unveil to yourself and coach all of the successes that your body has to offer. Those successes become the platform that we utilize to transcend and transform your body towards your needs and goals.

3D MAPS identifies 6 vital transformational goals that is apart of any sport, task, or activity you can perform. The six zones of motion when completed will identify 66 joint motions of your bodies primary complexes. Within each transformational zone your DHF coach with the help of yourself will identify the mobility (shape) within each chain, and stability (control). Through authentic motion utilizing no equipment, gravity, mass and momentum we will challenge your bodies muscles-bones-nerves to create a chain reaction from your foot to the head.
In this short blog we will address the opposite side rotational chain, primarily the ability to move in one direction of the transverse plane (turn to turn motions). Your DHF coach will demonstrate the motions that you will perform including a lunge to the opposite side rotational, hand swings at opposite side rotational at shoulder height, and the combining of those two movements to analyze the mobility of the opposite side rotational chain. Shape becomes of primary focus to the eyes of your coach, the ability to perform the combination move fluidly and create a C-Shape from the stance foot to the middle of your hands as indicated in the picture above. Symmetry is the next focus, as our eyes and your sense of awareness quickly identifies symmetry or asymmetry. Upon successful completion, we increase the challenge by looking at your ability to control the opposite side rotational chain. Lunges become balance reaches which tweaks the task and asks your body to demonstrate ownership of the motion. After completion of the mobility and stability of the opposite side rotational chain we can tweak the movement variables to challenge other adaptation variable goals such as endurance, power and more. The opposite side rotational chain reactions needed become relevant when you our addressing your bodies ability to:
  • sports or activities such as dancing
  • any household or landscaping activities relating to reaching, lifting, and turning
  • opponent driven sports, when reacting quickly and changing direction
  • sports actions such as the follow-thru in golf.

Performing any of the above actions less than optimally can lead to decreased sport performance, potentially low back discomfort from hips that lack rotational motion, knee injuries from lack of internal rotation, neck discomfort from a thoracic spine that has a loss of motion, and more.


3D MAPS becomes extremely unique with the above findings, most screenings grade or rate you based on charts that no one really understands. The coach is left with a number that potentially means nothing, and the individual is wondering what do they need to score better. Inevitably movement dysfunctions become the main focal point, not necessarily and empowering process for the most important person – YOU. 3D MAPS instead chooses to identify the motions that you were most successful at and build your conditioning program from that starting point. We have found the individual is inspired, challenged, and empowered all at once. A winning formula for everyone involved!
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