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DHF Introduces DotFit Supplements

I'm excited to announce our partnership with DotFit supplements. Many of our long standing clients remember the days when we partnered with Apex Fitness, well a lot of has happened since then. Apex Fitness was sold to a national health club chain, and the main principles of the company began to diminish over the years. The team at DHF decided to move away from supplements all together. Last year I became aware that the founder of Apex Fitness, had formed a new company and the core principles that made Apex were back. Around the same time, I became curious as to what the supplement market and environment had evolved too. I began to look at the "hottest products" and was shocked at what I was uncovering. Simple protein powders, had ingredients such as nitric oxide and caffeine on the label, multi-vitamins had herbal extracts now in them to enhance "energy". Of course, the mass marketing has never changed - marketing first, science last. Finally, I was in a conversation with a client who talked about her teenage customer who was rushed to the hospital because he had taken to much of a supplement that had huge quantities of stimulants in a meal replacement drink. We decided than it was time to bring back products to our customers that were safe, ethical, and effective.

  • Clinical research All dotFIT product ingredients undergo thorough pre-development analysis including peer-reviewed, scientific research supporting ingredient use, dosage, and safety. Products are constantly re-evaluated and updated as necessary.
  • Best-in-class delivery systems By taking advantage of different absorption and receptor sites in the body, dotFIT products ensure that the proper amounts of the right ingredients get to the proper tissues at the right times.
  • Good manufacturing practices dotFIT supplements and powders are manufactured in an FDA-registered, drug-licensed facility, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure purity and potency. This includes rigorous product testing and validation, from raw materials to the finished product.
  • Synergistic formulas All dotFIT products can stand alone, but they are designed to work especially well together. You’ll never be short of the nutrients you need, nor will you have to worry about taking too much.
  • Something for everyone dotFIT dietary supplements are designed for anyone interested in preserving health by improving daily nutrient intake, safely enhancing athletic performance, or losing weight.